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Yakutat is a deep-water port, and during WWII there were concerns it could be invaded. (Where invaders would have gone after taking over the place is another issue, since it's not like it easily connects to anything strategic.) Hence, cannons on the beach, which have been left there as landmarks and give the beach its name. The wreckage of a U.S. Navy SNX-2 lies near the entrance of the Yak-Tat Kwaan corporate office in Yakutat. The SNX-2 was a prototype of a Navy propeller-driven scout/trainer aircraft, and the low-wing monoplane never entered production. No one seemed to have a clear idea of how such a rare aircraft came to be in Alaska, much less in remote Yakutat, where it currently serves as an informal playground for children and imaginative adults. (Photo by National Ocean Service, NOAA). Situk Harry, Samson Harry, Dick Harry, Tom Cox, Olaf Abrams, Peter L., Jimmie Jackson, Alex, Dick Nelson, Charlie Gudson, Bill Milton, circa 1913-1939 Surfer at Yakutat, "The Surfing Capitol of Alaska"
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