Kodiak Island Borough
2018 Feb 02Restored as much of the website Ray Ensing and Heather Tallbot published as was found available
Mar 2016Added new photos and history of Afognak Island and its People, added 1984 Phone book
Aug 2011Added information on 1912 eruption of Mt. Katmai, updated Towns & Villages, added photos
Jul 2011Added site search, added obits and cemetery info
Mar 2011Added Index to Orthodox Alaska, By Michael Oleksa.
Feb 2011Added scan of 1980 Kodiak Telephone Book
Sep 2010Added Court and Probate Records
Aug 2010Added bibliography section
Jun 2010Added obituaries
May 2010Added Boat Ownership and new obituaries
Mar 2010Added What's New? page
Feb 2010Added Aircraft Owners and Deaths from SSDI index
Jan 2010Added entire new website
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Kodiak Island Borough
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