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If you are looking for help with a Fairbanks Borough ancestor line, please submit family group sheet information along with your challenge.

2011 Oct 25

I have a brick wall. My great grandmother, Caroline M. SHATTUCK, was in Fairbanks during the Gold Rush.

This woman is very interesting and very elusive. She stayed in Fairbanks for approximately 20 years. She was between 45-50 years old when she went. In her will she left interest in two mines, the Discovery Bench Alaska Mine 6/64, and the Pringle Bench Alaska Mine 1/4. Do you have any idea where I might be able to find information on her, or the mines? ANY information you might point me towards would be deeply appreciated. Thank you for your time and interest.

Jackie Littlewood Windsor@aol.com

2011 Sep 20

I am trying to find out any information regarding my maternal great grandfather, James TOBY. He traveled throughout Alaska during the gold rush and made stops in Nome, Skagway, Dawson City and I am told was a partner in operating the Circle trading post.

I once had a map showing a place called "Toby's Cabin" on the Koyokuk River, but have since misplaced it. I would like to find anyone having heard any stories about him or any information about him at all. He was born around 1879 in Wisconsin and died in Tacoma, Washington, in 1976 at the age of 97.

My grandmother, his oldest daughter, was born in 1919 and is still alive at the age of 91. She has never met a relative from her dad's side of the family. Story tells it, he and his siblings were placed in a catholic orphanage somewhere in Wisconsin after the death of his mother. He made a couple attempts at running away and succeeded at the age of 12 making his way west by train. He worked his passage to Alaska by shoveling coal on a steam ship.

He was of German decent and spoke fluently. Not wanting the nuns to find him, he changed his last name from SCHLITZ to TOBY. Considering he spent many years in Alaska before marrying my great grandmother in Washington state, I have wondered about the possibilities of him having a native wife/children while he resided in Alaska. He knew Klondike Kate personally, along with Robert Service and some other famous folks.

I know he had some mining claims in various locations. Any clues, old timers or historians that may remember hearing of him or having info that could help me break through the wall would be much appreciated.

Julie Briles julie@stellarnightsvacationrental.com

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